You may be underage to vote. But you can still bring change with a single stamp.

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Write a letter on an issue that you think can change your life.

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You may not be 18 yet. You may be still in school, but you are still aware of the issues that affect your life. And you feel the urgent need to resolve these issues. Education, school, public transport, safety, environment, sports, hygiene, food, these and many other issues affect all our lives, and yours.

Just write a letter about any issue that concerns you along with a solution if you have one. Letters for Change will make sure to read your letter and display it on the website and our social media handles and inspire change.

You may think what can one letter do; or one person. Mahatma Gandhi, Winston Churchill, Jawaharlal Nehru, Martin Luther King were all letter writers. And they brought change through the power of their words. The pen is indeed mightier than the sword

Just put your issue in a letter. And together we will begin the change.