Frequently Asked Questions

About Us
Mahika Mishra Foundation (MMF) is registered as a Section 8 company under the Companies Act 2013. It is a non-profit organization working on amplifying children's voices under its flagship initiative Letters for Change.
To amplify children's voices and inspire change.
To create a world where every child can speak up.
Other initiatives for children work on providing for them. Whereas Letters for Change works on letting children speak up. This is how we are different. Also, this is completely a student run initiative.
Letters for Change brings two kinds of changes.
1. External - Where the letters received inspire change in society and systems around us.
2. Internal - Where the children become confident in speaking up on issues that they think can change their lives.
Children are people too. And they get affected by things around them. We encourage them to share their concerns and ideas through letters.
Adults have voting rights. They are free to choose. Children aren't. Decisions for children are taken by adults. Letters for Change is a platform for children to express their concerns and opinions.
Write a Letter
Your letter will be read by somebody at Letters for Change. They will hide any sensitive information that can help anyone identify you as an individual. Then the letter will be displayed on the website and our social media handles.
Yes, you may write a letter on more than one issue that concerns you.
We request children to write letters on issues that they think can change their lives. If they have a solution, that's even better.
We don't give specific topics or templates for letters.
We only accept handwritten letters for displaying on the website and social media handles. But we do accept them via e-mail and WhatsApp.
Of course! You are free to choose your way of expression. However, we accept handwritten letters only.
Any child (under 18 years of age) may write a letter to Letters for Change.
We do not display such letters on the website. We follow the National Commission for Protection of Child Rights guidelines on sensitive letters received from children.
Letters targeted towards an individual or an institution with an objective of maligning them are not displayed on our website.
The law of the country doesn't require a parent or guardian's consent for a child to write a letter. So a child is free to write a letter on their own.
You are free to write a letter with or without your name. We at Letters for Change ensure that your identity is not revealed to anyone.
Given our money and resources, we use some of the best technology solutions to maintain data security at all times.
Your letters are displayed on the website and our social media handles. And many people read it that inspires change.
Your generous contribution will help more children express themselves. We will amplify their thoughts and concerns to inspire change.
Yes, your contribution will be eligible for tax benefits under Section 80G.
Yes, you will receive a receipt for each donation you make.
The minimum donation amount is Rs 100 per month. There is no upper limit on the donation.
We will be sharing insights periodically that we get from the letters with NGOs that we partner with.
All organizations that partner with us end up creating meaningful learning opportunities for children associated with them. This strengthens their bond with the children. In the process, brilliant ideas come out. We also get to know how children see the world around them.
We are open to partnerships with all kinds of organizations, viz. schools, NGOs, corporates, etc. The partnerships help to create meaningful learning opportunities for children.
Anyone who wants to learn is eligible for an internship. We recommend that the applicants be at least 15 years of age. We have suitable learning opportunities for people of all ages and experience.
Letters for Change is a completely student run initiative. Apart from providing you immense learning opportunities, this is a place where all your ideas gets valued and you get an opportunity to gain hands-on experience on multiple fronts.
Interns who do exceedingly well have an opportunity to become a coordinator for their respective domains. We support interns in finding jobs. More than a dozen past interns have gotten jobs or other internships in their dream organisations. Interns who wish to join Letters for Change as employees are welcome to join. Just like in any other organization, they will have to earn their own salaries.
Immense learning, meeting exciting people and lots of fun. Select internships have performance based stipends.
Minimum duration is 2 months. Maximum will depend on your preference and performance. Many of our interns have continued their internships for more than four months upto an year.
We don't track the exact number of hours put in by an intern. However, a minimum contribution of 10 hours per week is expected. Sometimes the number of hours could be more depending on the tasks on hand.
Referrals are the best way to get newer team members. The secret is that friends you refer do not have to go through our hiring process. We trust you recommend really good people who will add value to the organization.
Anyone can volunteer with Letters for Change.
At the beginning of the volunteering engagement, the volunteer and Letters for Change agree upon a specific deliverable in a given time frame. The deliverable can be in any domain, viz. getting letters, helping to raise funds, building partnerships with organizations, helping to get more interns, content design, graphic design, etc.
Volunteering engagement is not duration based. It is task-based. The volunteer gets to decide a reasonable duration for accomplishing the task.
Internships are more structured in terms of projects and time engagement. Interns get a certificate of completion, certificate of appreciation, or letter of recommendation depending on their performance.
Volunteering engagement is task-based and can be of any duration. From a week to a few years or even a lifetime. Volunteers encourage us by believing in our mission.