About us

A pen is mightier than a sword. It was a letter that made an 11-year old girl from Mumbai break the internet. A difference was created.
You can create that difference too. Any child can! It is exactly what we are working for.
Founded in 2019 by 12-year-old Mahika, Letters for Change is a movement by children, for children. Children face several issues that affect their lives. Our society does not pay attention to them because children do not have voting rights. Now is the time to raise your voices and make it reach the highest authorities.
Letters for Change helps you achieve that. You voice it, we amplify it.
The organisation is called Mahika Mishra Foundation. It is registered as a Section 8 company under the Companies Act 2013 and based in Mumbai.

Meet the Founder

Chief Letter Writer

Mahika is a bright 13-year-old girl based in Mumbai. A proud Taurus, she is a fan of Marvel and Jazz Age. She loves cooking and long drives. When her letter to Anand Mahindra broke the internet, she realized how powerful a letter can be. She started Letters for Change at the age of 12, with a vision of empowering every child to speak up. She is all set to amplify children’s voices and inspire change.

Meet Our Team


Fun-loving, adventurous, and cheerful, Dushyant can brighten up a room with his presence. His laugh and inspiring words can make anyone happy. His years of corporate experience help him run Letters for Change. A kid at the heart, he strongly believes in the power of children. If Letters for Change is a team, then he is the coach.

Aruna Sawant

Aruna Sawant has a natural flair for teaching. An English teacher, she has put her mind and soul in the 4 decades of enriching students’ lives in the various Kendriya Vidyalaya schools. She is a truly inspiring lady, full of positive energy. She strives to live like the wise in harmony with the divine.


Level head on shoulders, affable and wise beyond her years, that is Disha for you. She has a natural flair for nurturing relationships. Disha is the Chief Operating Officer at Letters for Change. Her ability to smilingly take on whatever life throws at her is something everyone can learn from. Disha harmoniously leads the team in going where none has gone before.

Meet the Initial Contributors