Meet the Founder

Chief Letter Writer

Mahika is a bright girl based in Mumbai. A proud Taurus, she is a fan of Marvel and Jazz Age. She loves cooking and long drives. When her letter to Anand Mahindra broke the internet, she realized how powerful a letter can be. She started Letters for Change at the age of 12, with a vision of empowering every child to speak up. She is all set to amplify children’s voices and inspire change.

About us

Letters For Change is a completely student-run organisation aspiring to build a world where every child can speak up.
With our inclusive culture, we aim to create a safe space to encourage students to embark on enticing projects!

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Director of Letters of Change, and a kid at heart, Dushyant strongly believes in the power of children. If Letters For Change is a team, then he is the coach!

Aruna Sawant

An English teacher who taught in KV schools for 40 years to enrich children's lives, Aruna strives to live like the wise in harmony with the divine.


The Chief Operating Officer of Letters For Change, Disha is wise beyond her years and leads the team where none has gone before.